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At this time, Wild Meadow Farm is selling whole chickens, whole turkeys, and a whole or half of a lamb.  If you are purchasing half a lamb, you will receive approximately three pounds of Loin Chops, 2.5 pounds of Rack or Rib Chops, five pounds of  Leg of Lamb, four pounds of Shoulder Roast, and three pounds of Ground Lamb.  Your lamb will weigh about fifteen to seventeen pounds so it is advised that you make sure you have available freezer space!  When you come to pick up your meat, Wild Meadow Farm suggests that you get a dozen of their colorful and flavorful eggs.

Prices of All Natural, Pasture Raised Lamb

Whole Lamb        $250

Half Lamb           $140

Available Mid-December


One Dozen                   $4.00


All Natural, Pasture Raised

Order for Thanksgiving

- numbers limited

Call for pricing and availability



Free Range, All Natural

Whole Chicken           $3.00 per pound

1/4 Chicken Leg        $3.50 per pound

1/4 Chicken Breast    $3.50 per pound

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