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What do volunteers do?

House Construction

Teach and Tutor

Pottery, Weaving, woodworking

Work with draft horses

Grant Writing

Web page creation and maintenance

Bulk mailings and fundraising

Organic Gardening

Shelter work

Work in the thrift store or craft store

Wood harvesting

Help during Christmas wreath season


What is the land trust?

Many of the h.o.m.e. volunteers work on house construction during their stay.
The homes are built as part of the Covenant Community Land Trust (CCLT).  Usually over 50% of the construction of each home is completed by volunteers, some of whom never picked up a hammer before arriving at h.o.m.e.

The land is held in perpetuity by the CCLT, and low-income families purchase the homes. The land trust homeowners are encouraged to use the land in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.  Since its formation CCLT and h.o.m.e. have built more than 40 homes.

The land trust offers an opportunity for home ownership to many low-income families who currently have no option except renting.

For more information, or to sign up to be a volunteer, please contact:

Jackie Burpee
Volunteer Coordinator
h.o.m.e. Inc.
PO Box 10
Orland ME 04472
(207) 469-7961

Long-term volunteer opportunities are available at h.o.m.e. from one month to one year.  Shelter, meals, and a stipend is provided.  Volunteers must be twenty-one years or older.

Volunteers at h.o.m.e. come from all parts of the country as indicated by the signs on this post.

Pictures of the volunteers on this page came from St. Luke’s Church in Barrington, Rhode Island.  They helped with various jobs including landscaping, rebuilding stairs, and rebuilding a porch on the cottage at Toddy Pond.