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The Maine Steer Teams who participated in the History Heritage Days at the Kentucky Horse Park included from left:  Marissa Winslow, Kelsey Sanborn, Dan Boutot, Mark Winslow, Kim Winslow, Dottie Bell, Jason Sanborn, and Stefan Winslow.   (Photo courtesy of Trish Logan)

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Dan Boutot working his team of Milking Shorthorns. Photo courtesy of Trish Logan.

Other assistants involved with the trip included Stefan Winslow who drove the truck hauling the cattle.  David Bell served as the mechanic/repair specialist and Lorraine Boutot operated the vendor booth that had t-shirts, hats, and other oxen-related note cards.

               Photos on this page courtesy of Trish Logan and the Kentucky Horse Park.

The log cart wheels which were pulled by the eight teams of oxen from Maine at the Kentucky Horse Park in November 2011 are ten feet tall.  The tires are original, forged welded. The boxing and wheels are original.  The spoke rings are forged welded.  The original parts are from the Sheldrake Sawmill in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan.  The cart was restored by Jake Kurtz and family from Topeka, Indiana.