Swarm Removal
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Honey Bee Swarm Removal

Stan and Karen conduct honey bee swarm removal in the southern Maine area. If your swarm is not in a structure, the removal of the bees could be free.

Just this summer 2012, the Yarmouth Animal Control Officer requested the assistance of Brown’s Bee Farm in the removal of a swarm along a fence near an old Victorian house in Yarmouth.  It was felt that the swarm might attempt to move into the house and pose a hazard to public safety.  Two police cruisers were even in the vicinity checking out the situation when the swarm removal took place!  Stan Brown joked that he has often been called to remove swarms because he is “one of the few daredevils in the area!”

Swarms removed from structures are removed with a  negotiable fee. The areas that Brown’s Bee Farms services for swarm removal are within roughly an hour’s drive from Portland, Maine.

Contact Karen Thurlow-Kimball 207-846-4449 or cell 207-329-9934 for swarm removal.

Email at brownsbeefarm@gmail.com

There is no email at the Shop, so it is best to call.

Photos of swarms courtesy of Brown’s Bee Farm website.

Photos by Karen Thurlow-Kimball.

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Karen and Stan shared a great saying about bees:

A swarm in May is worth a load of hay

A swarm in June is worth a silver spoon

A swarm in July - let it fly!