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This feeling of sharing and helping one another goes way back in the tradition of the Stutzman family.  Sid shared a little background of the fascinating path that was traveled that resulted in his and Rainie’s ownership of the farm.  His father, Otto Stutzman, ended up in Sangerville with his widowed mother, Mary Stuztman, when she came to marry John Miller, a Lithuanian immigrant who worked very hard and eventually was able to purchase the family farm.  John’s wife had sadly passed away and their nine children were left in his care. 

Through his membership in a Correspondence Club, John Miller was able to develop a writing relationship with Mary Stutzman, Sid’s grandmother.  Mary agreed to travel from Louisiana and marry John and help to care for all the children. Sid’s father, Otto Stutzman, became the tenth and youngest member of the Miller-Stutzman family.  Otto inherited the farm and worked it for many years until he passed away unexpectedly in 1978.  Sid and Rainie were able to learn a great deal about farming from Otto and they have shared their knowledge and experience with their two sons.  Their son, Kale Stutzman, is presently residing in Seattle, Washington.  Their eldest son, Sunny, and his wife, Tracy, will be the fourth generation that hope to see Stutzman’s Farm continue.

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John Miller, grandfather of Sid Stutzman, 1890

Johm Miller, Mary Stutzman Miller, Otto Stutzman

John Miller spraying the fields

John Miller with his team of horses

          A special thanks goes out to Sid Stutzman for

sharing the wonderful photos that appear on this webpage.