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“Mainestream Tempest”

“Mainestream Spring”

                                                                              Snow Brook Gardens

                                                                              315 Bridge Road

                                                                              Parkman, Maine 0443-3330


Payment:  Checks or money orders are accepted. No credit cards

Quantity     _____   Mainestream Spring PP16178  Blue, golden - spring foliage - $20 each   ______________

Quantity   ______   Mainestream Tempest PP16097  Purple  $20 each                                    ______________

If interested in ordering both varieties, cost will be $30 for both                                                _______________

Shipping    $5.00 for shipping first plant and $1 for each additional plant                                _______________

Total Due   (plants plus shipping)                                                                                               ________________

Note:  (Visitors to Snow Brook Gardens can purchase an iris plant for $10 instead

of the $20 for having it mailed.)

Please indicate if you want shipping in May or December                                                        ________________

Voted an Award of Golden Merit (AGM) at the Wetlands Iris Trials 2003-2005 in Wisley, England.

Phytosanitary Certificate’s responsibility is cost of the buyer.

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Address ______________________________________________

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