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Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture is a means for the community to support local farmers by purchasing shares in the farm. A local person buys one or more shares early in the season at a discount. At Rippling Waters Organic Farm, they sell Market Shares.  Traditional Market Shares allow you to buy any of their products: plants, produce, or garden supplies any time during the year. You can make your purchases at the farm or at one of their farmers’ markets. The Market Share CSA works like a credit line for you.

Traditional Shares are a bag/box of produce that is picked for you each week, sharing in their harvest, from mid-May thru mid-October.  These shares are picked up at the farm (no farmers’ market delivery).


Purchasing a share at the beginning of the season provides Rippling Waters Organic Farm with start-up capital to buy seeds, seedlings, planting materials, and fuel for the greenhouses.

Besides purchasing organic produce and other products at a 10% discount for Market Shares, 15% discount for Traditional Shares, members are invited to take part in life on the farm through events such as volunteer workdays, educational workshops and potlucks. An email newsletter published weekly keeps you informed about farm happenings, delicious upcoming crops and tasty recipes.


In 2012 you can buy a full traditional share or half-share for pick-up at the farm.

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