Richard Silliboy
A Family of Basketmakers
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Annie Battiste Phillips is shown with a large hamper and fishing baskets.  The photo was taken around 1959-1960.  Annie Battiste

Phillips is the grandmother of Richard Silliboy and was known for her basketmaking.  She was born on July 26, 1883, and passed away on November 8, 1967.

Annie Battiste Phillips

Mary Ann Phillips Silliboy is Richard Silliboy’s mother.

She gave birth to eleven children, three of which died

in infancy.  She raised eight children and managed to

make baskets every day, as well as cook, clean house,

do laundry, and help in the woods.  She also was a gatherer of medicinal herbs.

Richard Silliboy is pictured at the Houlton Higher Education Center.  (courtesy photo)

A special thank you is extended to Richard Silliboy

for sharing the wonderful photos on this page.

From left:  Siblings Joe, Peter, Rose Marie, and Richard.

(courtesy photo)