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2011-2012 White Wines 


Elvira-This wine has a fruity, citrus nose, while on the palate it has flavors of apple and grapefruit.  Serve chilled.  



  Edelweiss- Our Edelweiss has a light floral nose with a complex fruit taste. It has a  smooth finish and can be compared to a Riesling. 



Edelvira-This white blend combines Elvira and Edelweiss grapes for a wine with flavors of pear and apple and stands up nicely with ice.



 Prairie Star- This is a medium bodied white with a full mouth feel.  It has a floral nose and tastes of tropical fruit.



 Aurore- Our Aurore has a floral nose while boasting a taste of ripe peach.



Prospect Hill White- This blend combines Prairie Star and Aurore grapes to produce a wine that finishes smooth and has flavors of apricot and citrus.




2011 Red Wines


Chancellor- Our Chancellor tastes of ripe plum with a full mouth feel and a smooth finish.  Chancellor makes an excellent dinner wine and ages well.



 St. Croix- A medium bodied wine with a slight nose of ripe grape and apple, it has tastes of cherry and blackberry.  St. Croix compares to vinifera wines.



  St. Vincent- With a bright red color and the fresh fruit flavors of strawberry and red raspberry, St. Vincent is a great summertime red. 



 Sabrevois- With aromatics of spice, our Sabrevois has the taste of red raspberries and cinnamon in a medium bodied wine.



 Marcheal Foch- This Burgundy style varietal boasts an earthy nose, with balanced flavors of berries, roses and light oak.



Two Saints- You'll taste ripe blackberries and notes of lemon in this blend of St. Croix and St. Vincent grapes.



Prospect Hill Red- Our blend of Frontenac and Foch grapes brings together deep berry flavors with hints of spice and woody undertones.



Harvest Red-This blend of Frontenac and St. Vincent combines the flavors of black cherry and strawberry. 



Sunset Red- A deep color blend of Frontenac and Chancellor grapes brings a rich black cherry flavor up front with a lingering taste of plum and currant on the palate. 



Valley Mist- This blend of Sabrevois and Landot Noir grapes brings a fruity nose with flavors of pomegranate and nectarine.



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