Promoting Healthy Food
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In a traditional school setting a nutritionist, health educator, or even a classroom teacher can talk about the importance of eating healthy food.  The diagrams and food pyramid charts are graphics that are often used but there’s nothing that can compare with the hands-on experience of planting, harvesting, washing, preparing, and actually consuming the healthy food.

The campers at Crystal Spring Farm Camp were all included in helping to make frittatas on the day that camp was observed.  The cooking class began with an explanation of the activity.  This was followed by a trip to several gardens to gather various herbs and vegetables.  The campers then volunteered to wash and cut and prepare the various ingredients from the garden.  Tasting and smelling and feeling the various fresh ingredients was encouraged and each child seemed rather proud of the part they played in making the special meal.

The photos on this webpage illustrate some of the steps that campers took in the process of making frittatas.

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