Seynab Ali’s Farm
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Seynab Ali

Seynab Ali and Batula Ismail

(Above photo was provided courtesy of

Cultivating Community’s blog).

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Seynab Ali farms at the Packard Littlefield Farm in Lisbon similar to the way that she farmed back in Somalia without any sprays or pesticides.  Seynab expressed concern

about her English when she came to Maine but she explained that she has learned a common language through farming.  According to Seynab, farming was a major part of life in Africa marked by various celebrations during the growing cycle.

Seynab is a busy mother and grandmother.  One of her sons is a freshman at the University of Maine at Farmington.  Seynab attends the Kennebunk and Damariscotta Farmers’ Markets where she also distributes CSA shares to a handful of customers.  Every Wednesday, Seynab drops off 14 CSA shares at Portland’s Monument Square Farmers’ Market.  She also shares a large wholesale account with two other farmers, providing an abundance of food each week to Florence House, a women’s shelter in Portland run by the Preble Street Resource Center.

Seynab is interested in acquiring more CSA and wholesale accounts in the Kennebunk, Portland, Damariscotta, or Lewiston areas.  Anyone interested in purchasing a CSA with Seynab in the Damariscotta, Lewiston, Portland, or Kennebunk areas can contact the Cultivating Community Office at: 207-761-GROW