Mohamed Abukar’s Farm
   at Packard-Littlefield

Mohamed Abukar

Habiba Noor is the wife of Mohamed Abukar

Mohamed Abukar is one of the advanced level farmers in NASAP.  He is helped at his farm

in Lisbon by his wife, Habiba Noor, and his

son, Abdimalik Mali. 

Mohamed and his family work very hard with their farm.  Mohamed goes to the Farmers’ Market in South Portland on Thursday.  On

Saturday he participates in the Bath Farmers’

Market.  He delivers his wholesale CSA accounts to Bates on Monday afternoon.  He

also works at Walmart from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m.

in the summer.  His schedule allows little time

for sleep.

Mohamed is hoping to find more people who

are interested in signing up for CSA accounts.

He presently has eleven CSA accounts at Bates.

He has one CSA in Bath and two CSA accounts

in South Portland.  He also delivers food to two wholesale accounts - one at Sagamore Village Food Pantry in Portland and one to the Falmouth Food Pantry.

Mohamed prides himself on his quality vegetables that are always clean.  He feels he

provides customers with generous bunches and

lower prices.

Anyone interested in purchasing a CSA with

Mohamed in the Lewiston, South Portland,

Falmouth, or Bath area can contact the Cultivating Community Office at:


Abdimalik Mali and Habiba Noor

Sarah Bostick, Refugee Farmer Specialist, catches up with Mohamed as he prepares for the Farmers’ Market.

Mohamed and his daughter

Abdimalik Mali, son of Mohamed.

(Above photo was provided courtesy of

Cultivating Community’s blog).

(Above photo was provided courtesy of

Cultivating Community’s blog).

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