Hawa Ibrahim’s Farm 
Packard-Littlefield Farm

Hawa Ibrahim is an advanced farmer in NASAP.  She farmed in her native Somalia with her mother and father.  In 2005, she began farming with NASAP  (New American Sustainable Agricultural Program).  She can be found at her farm at the Packard-Littlefield Farm in Lisbon just about everyday.

Hawa was the first farmer in NASAP.  Her son,

Siyat, explained that Hawa encouraged many other refugees to also farm.  He discussed how she used to give away much of her produce to other refugees to show them that they also could farm. In the early days of the farm, before water was available,  Hawa used to bring water from home to water her plants.  She has been a mentor to many farmers over the years.

Siyat and Mursal, the son-in-law of Hawa, both

discussed what an extremely hard worker Hawa is.  Siyat explained how he was so much younger than Hawa and that there was no way he could ever even think about keeping up with his mother!

Hawa spoke about how she would come home

totally exhausted after often working over twelve hours in the field at her farm in Lisbon.  Her daughter would offer to make dinner for her but Hawa shared with a laugh about how she was asleep in the chair within minutes of arriving home!

Siyat and Mursal are very proud of Hawa’s accomplishments.  She raised eight children. When their family was in the refugee camp in Kenya, Hawa was very well respected.  She managed to start a business baking bread and everyone always turned to her for assistance.  Even in the refugee camp Hawa was a businesswoman.

Hawa has connected with businesses where

employees have signed up for her CSA accounts.

She delivers ten CSA shares between Unum and the Southern Maine Area Agency on Aging.  She also delivers ten CSA shares to the Cultivating Community’s office in Portland. Hawa also maintains a wholesale account with the Westbrook Food Pantry.

Hawa sells her vegetables at the Saco Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays and at the Bates Mill Market in Lewiston on Sundays.  She also has two CSA’s at the Saco Farmers’ Market.

Hawa is looking to add more CSA accounts

and more wholesale accounts.  She wishes to

purchase a farm and have a cow, camel, goats,

and chickens and she has been saving money

to do this.

Hawa can be contacted at 207-344-7349

or you can contact her son, Siyat Hussein,  at


Hawa is shown at the Saco Farmer’s Market

(above photo was provided courtesy of

Cultivating Community’s blog).

Sarah Bostick, Refugee Farmer Specialist, catches up with Hawa and learns about the groundhog and cutworm concerns.

Hawa Ibrahim

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Siyat (on left) is Hawa’s son.  Mursal (on right) is Hawa’s son-in-law.

Khadija, Hawa’s daughter, is a great help at the Farmers’ Markets.  She just started her senior year in high school.