Town of Newfield Pancake Breakfast
                   Hosted by 
Newfield Fire, Rescue, and Auxiliary
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Check out this Newfield Pancake Breakfast photo from 1994!

While the three Newfield sugar houses are occupied with gathering the sap and making the syrup, another group of individuals in town become involved with celebrating the maple sap harvest.  The dedicated volunteers from the Newfield Fire Department, Newfield Rescue Squad, and the Newfield Auxiliary host the Annual Newfield Pancake Breakfast at the Public Safety Building each year on Maine Maple Sunday. They remove all the emergency vehicles from the building and set up many tables and chairs and serve a delicious pancake breakfast.  People navigate to the breakfast from all locations and enjoy the camaraderie and good food. This fundraiser has become a most enjoyable tradition for many individuals and families to celebrate the arrival of spring and the maple sap harvest.   The story of gathering sap in the Newfield area goes way back to the time of the Native Americans.  Making maple syrup is an undertaking which plays an important role from both a social and economic perspective and it adds richness and flavor to the history and culinary creations of a small rural town in western Maine.