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Name:            Misty Meadows Organic Farm

Address:        James (Chub) and Sharon Dionne

                       1164 Main Street

                       Grand Isle, Maine  04746

Phone:           207-316-6959

Email:            info@dionnefarms.com

Website:       dionnefarms.com



Products and Services:

-farm stand


-organic potatoes

-farm fresh free range eggs



-farm share program


What Makes Misty Meadows Organic Farm Unique?

On the Misty Meadows Organic Farm’s sign in front of the Dionne family farm stand, it says “In the Beautiful St. John Valley.”  What an accurate description that is!  James (Chub), Sharon, Matthew, Hannah, and Haley Dionne live in Grand Isle.  It is an area that is abundant with natural resources, scenic views, hard working down-to-earth people, and a vibrant Acadian history.  Their farm is situated in a region that is blessed with verdant fields and forests, and beautiful rivers and lakes.  The sightings of moose and black bear are commonplace. If you haven’t been to the Grand Isle area that is located just minutes from the Canadian border, it is well worth the trip.

All the members of Misty Meadows Organic Farm (also known as Dionne Farms) help with the operation of the farm.  Their farm is an excellent example of the way farmers often learn to adopt new growing methods and consider diversification and expansion to keep their farm vibrant.  Chub explained that it was through the guidance of the late Jim Cook of Crown O’ Maine Organic Co-op that the Dionnes adapted their farming approach to include organic methods exclusively.  At the time that they made this decision, they were most definitely in the minority as large-scale conventional potato farming was entrenched in the area.

As the gigantic strawberry indicates outside

the Misty Meadows Organic Farm farm store,

the Dionne’s organically-grown strawberries are

a big draw to the farm.  Their strawberry field is open for “pick-your-own” during strawberry season, weather permitting.  The Dionnes also grow a large selection of vegetables for their farm stand including beet greens, beets, brussel sprouts, carrots, chard, red and yellow onions, parsnips, peas, radish, rutabaga, savory, string beans, and purple, orange, and yellow carrots. They deliver their vegetables to restaurants and stores within seventy-five miles of their farm.  Crown O’ Maine Organic Coop delivers their produce throughout the rest of the state.

Misty Meadows Organic Farm is located in the area often called the Potato Kingdom and the Dionne’s certainly come through when it comes to growing potatoes.  They specialize in several heirloom varieties.  They grow Gold Rush, Russet, Yukon Gold, Reds, Caribe, Yellow Fin, Shepody, Whites, and German Butterball.  Their organic potatoes are in high demand and the Dionnes sell them wholesale to Whole Foods, Albert’s Organics, Boston Organics, and to the Marden’s chain of stores.

The Dionnes’ potatoes are also available at their

farm stand.  Visitors who haven’t stopped at Misty Meadows Organic Farm for quite some time, might be quite surprised to observe how their farm stand has undergone a major transformation.  It is now situated in a brand new large building constructed by the Dionnes.  It houses a large selection of farm products, gifts, and a cafe.

Many traditional dishes are offered in the cafe such as homemade pies, hamburger, steak, salads, chicken, etc. but there are also some unique foods not always found in other places. On the Saturday that Unique Maine Farms visited, a pig roast was planned. Homemade baked beans and tomato sauce are available.  Are you familiar with poutine?  It is a French-Canadian dish that combines French fries, cheese curds and gravy.  How about ployes?  They are a combination of buckwheat flour, baking powder, and water, and their thickness is similar to crepes.  Ployes are very popular in the St. John Valley. Other different offerings available at the farm store and cafe include fronions, beer battered fries, herbes salle, pickled eggs, Acadian relish, and sliders.

Cafe visitors have plenty with which to keep occupied while they are waiting for their orders.  The Farm Stand offers a large selection of crafts, gifts, jams, and jellies to peruse. There is a incredible farm checker board with small metal tractors functioning as the checker pieces.  The cafe is tastefully decorated with antiques and local memorabilia.  There is Internet access and a welcoming atmosphere.

The Dionnes enjoy being a part of the community.  They host the Senior Farm Share program for eligible limited-income senior citizens who appreciate fresh produce.  Their free range eggs became so popular that the Dionnes increased their flock to 1800 laying hens.  They sell brown and white eggs.  Their Ameraucana hens lay blue eggs.

Customers also value the meat that is raised at Misty Meadows Organic Farm.  Their cattle are fed fresh grass and grains.  The Dionnes pride themselves on providing a stress-free and healthy environment for all of their animals. Unlimited sunshine and plenty of fresh air and opportunities for exercise for the animals are an essential part of animal husbandry on the farm. No antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants are used.

It is obvious that the Dionnes feel very strongly about the importance of promoting local agriculture.  They have persevered through many challenges.  On the day that Unique Maine Farms visited, Chub was busy fixing several areas of fencing that the moose had wrecked the previous night.  Heavy rains had taken their toll on their strawberry crop this past year.  The dramatic increases in fuel prices proved challenging for the expenses associated with all of their deliveries.  Fortunately, Chub and their son, Matthew, are skilled at addressing all the mechanical problems that arise on the farm.  Sharon and their daughters, Hannah and Haley, and the staff at the Farm Store are skilled at creating all the homemade offerings at the cafe.

If one has a chance to view the website of

Misty Meadows Organic Farm or to log on to

their Facebook page, there are many great photos that illustrate how every member of the Dionne family chips in and plays an important role in the success of the farm.  It is fitting that the Dionne’s farm is part of the Unique Maine Farms’ project because St. John Valley is an area with such a rich agricultural history. The Dionnes are a wonderful representation of the friendly, down-to-earth, and hard-working family farmers who have learned to adapt and succeed in their local economy in an area that many would consider “off the beaten track.”

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