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Sharing their knowledge and experiences with apprentices has been a tradition at Milkweed Farm for several years.  The apprentice season lasts from April through November.  Housing in a 12‘x16’ platform tent is provided with a propane cook stove, bed, table, and chairs.  Some food from the garden and a stipend are offered.  The apprentices have access to borrowing books from the Woodruffs’ library of books on farming.

Apprentices at Milkweed Farm learn various skills such as seeding, soil block making, tractor driving, weeding, irrigation, and the daily feeding and watering of animals.  They participate in such activities as planting the seedlings in the greenhouse; slaughtering the poultry; transplanting; harvesting; erecting fencing; cutting firewood; making yogurt and cheese; canning; fermenting; working in the orchard; and harvesting medicinal herbs.  They also help out in the store and with childcare when needed.  The Woodruffs have four children.

Additional information about the apprentice program can be found on the MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and

Gardeners) website.

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Clare Stansberry, a junior English major- Education minor at Bowdoin College, was an apprentice at Milkweed  Farm in 2012.