Medicinal Uses   
    of Honey
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Did you know that the venom from bees is

frequently used to treat arthritis and that some people purposely facilitate the use of live bees to sting individuals suffering from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and numbness in an arm or leg?  This practice commonly called apitherapy has been in existence in Asia and Eastern Europe, and South America for thousands of years.

Stan Brown’s rheumatoid arthritis plagued him

since he was young.  It prevented his attempts to

enlist in the service and caused a great deal of pain.   When he hooked up with the late Charlie Mraz from Vermont for additional information about bees he was introduced to the world of apitherapy.  Mraz was a nationally-respected pioneer of bee venom therapy and the owner of Champlain Valley Apiaries.  Stan attributes the relief from his rheumatoid arthritis condition to be the result of the six bee venom injections he received in his spine.

Stan Brown swears by bee venom as a cure for arthritis and also has repeatedly used the venom to treat the pain that occasionally erupts from a broken shoulder injury.  Individuals with arthritis have approached Stan for venom and he has even treated a person with venom who was suffering from migraine headaches.

Both Stan and Karen will gladly elaborate on all

the health benefits that bees provide.  In their shop they sell a Maine Made Handcream from their farm that consists of bees’ wax, mineral oil, distilled water, and borax.  Stan explained how it

is great for healing cracked skin.  Beeswax is known for its characteristic of increasing and retaining the skin’s natural moisture.

Have you learned about the use of honey to treat burns?  Stan and Karen will be happy to share several examples of how honey can effectively be used in healing burns without leaving scars.  Because honey is sticky, Stan suggests covering the burn and honey with gauze.  He once suffered a critically painful steam burn that actually caused his pants to be embedded in skin.  It was the treatment with honey that brought about both relief and healing.  Stan stated that a wound treated with honey will heal four times faster than using an antibiotic like neosporin.

Honey is composed of a low water content and a high acidic level so bacteria does not grow in honey as one might suspect because of its sweetness.  Stan discussed how the pollen in raw honey can help build up the immune system and

overcome allergies.

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A bee is intentionally encouraged to sting Stan Brown’s hand so that the bee venom will provide relief from his shoulder pain.

The bee venom can be seen towards the bottom of Stan’s index finger.

The Brown’s Bee Farm Maine Made

Hand Cream.