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The Master Gardeners are hosting a Four-Season Garden Series.  Some of the topics covered include composting, sheet mulching, and yardscaping. Master Gardener volunteers have planted and are tending a Three-Sisters’ demonstration garden at the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve at Laudholm Farm.  Corn, beans, and squash have been planted in accordance with Native American traditions to increase soil fertility.  The Master Gardeners are also involved with the planting of pumpkins and corn for the Punkinfiddle Festival in September. Some of the vegetables will be donated to Harvest for Hunger. 


Garden expansion

Drip irrigation

Carol Seppa is shown applying the cardboard sheet mulching.

Allan Amioka (on left) discusses garden plans with Bob Rutledge.

The photos of the 2011 ornamental corn and pumpkin garden at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm that appear below were taken by Allan Amioka and graciously shared with the Unique Maine Farms’ project. Master Gardener volunteers planted and tended this garden and helped to coordinate educational gardening displays for the general public at public events such as Earth Day and Punkinfiddle Fest.

Carol Seppa

Elizabeth DiSimone

From left: Allan Amioka, Bob Rutledge, Don Michaud, and Carol Seppa.

Bob Rutledge

Carol Seppa heads home after volunteering in the garden.