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The Maine Compost School also has its home at Highmoor Farm, University of Maine.  It is a collaborative effort of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, the Maine Department of Agriculture, and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

Twice a year Highmoor  Farm, University of Maine hosts the Maine Compost School for one-week sessions for individuals interested in medium and large-scale composting operations. Students from around the world attend. Over sixteen experienced faculty members teach at the school.  They hail from business, industry, research, teaching, extension, regulatory, and publishing backgrounds.

Highmoor Farm, University of Maine is home to a state-of-the-art composting facility where research on agricultural waste management and soil building are being pursued. Participants receive classroom instruction, laboratory experience and hands-on project exercises in this setting.

An optional exam is administered to participants who request it and are interested in receiving a “Certificate of

Technical Ability.”

In 2013, the Maine Compost School will be held at Highmoor Farm, University of Maine from June 17-21, and from Oct. 21-25.