Hay Ride Farm Tour
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Spiller Farm offers a hay ride

farm tour from mid-September through late October on

weekends at 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

weather permitting.

The tour takes about thirty

minutes.  You will see the

picnic/play area with the

corn stalk tepee, patches of

sweet corn, the irrigation pond,

beehives, and the strawberry

patch and the orchard with a

very good early Paula Red

apple soon to be followed by

macs, cortland, and honey crisp.

The sunset orchard opens on

October 1 with many more


You might see wild turkeys

that live here year-round or

Canadian geese resting on the

corn ground on their

migration south.

The cows, calves, and bull

can be seen at the sales area

during the U PICK apple/

pumpkin weekends.