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In the spirit of sharing, Kim Roos conducts “You Can Do It” classes for the community at their farm.  The classes that are offered include Goat Care and Basics, Brie and Feta - Subtle Differences in Cheese Making, Soap and Salve Making, and Just Desserts.  Kim also hopes to be able to eventually offer classes in Healthy Eating, Seasonal Meal Planning, and Crafts. 

The “You Can Do It” classes begin with coffee/tea and muffins and cheese.  After the topic is covered, participants will enjoy a small fare luncheon that features some of the goat milk cheeses. Participants leave with a copy of the directions, ingredients, and supply lists, and a farm tour.  The class is limited to five participants and the fee for the course is $50.

Hatch Knoll Farm also offers the “Day With The Farmer” program where a visitor can get a taste of farm life.  The day begins at 8 a.m.

For those who wish to experience the milking, then the day begins at 6 a.m.  A guest spends the day with one of the family members either working with the goats, making the cheese, or working in the kitchen or in the field.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are  provided.  The meals will include food from the farm and the local area.  The cost for the day is $150.

Another unique opportunity at Hatch Knoll Farm is the “Taste of Farming” experience.  It is a three-day intensive farm experience similar to the “Day With The Farmer” program but it involves a stay of three days. The Roos explain that the program is ideal for individuals considering a farmstead business. The experience is limited to one individual or a couple and it is only offered four times a year - once in the spring and in the fall, and twice during the summer.  The cost is $400 per person or $750 for a couple.  On-site camping is available or lodging can be acquired in a nearby motel or bed and breakfast.

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