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Orchard at Jonathan Fisher House
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Custom grafting to preserve historic varieties of apples is highly valued by Tim and Leslie.  They use scionwood from heirloom fruit trees to help preserve historic varieties for future generations.  They helped to plan and they manage the orchard at the historic Jonathan Fisher House in Blue Hill.  The house was built in 1814 by Jonathan Fisher, who was a minister, farmer, author, artist, surveyor, and businessman.

The orchard that once flourished at the two-hundred-year-old farm was neglected and overgrown.  A map depicting the contents of the original orchard proved helpful when the

Board of Directors of the Jonathan Fisher House Museum decided to establish a smaller version of the original orchard.  Tim and Leslie, who were known for their expertise in historic landscape work, were asked to help plan and plant the trees.  They planted a Pippin tree and a Golden Roxbury Russet tree

that were both species found in the original orchard.  They even were able to plant cherry trees that had been handed down from the original trees found on the farm.

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