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With the introduction of the Food Connection

Corps, a group of teenagers from RSU #6 were given the opportunity to learn all about the workings of a farm.  During the summer of 2012, seven teens participated in this six-week youth development program at Rippling Waters Organic Farm under the guidance of FCC Coordinator Jane Spencer and Community and School Garden Coordinator Ian Hammond and other farm staff. 

The FCC students learned about agriculture, nutrition, and hunger.  They experienced running the farm stand, working in the field, tending the school and senior gardens, and working at the farmers’ markets. 

The FCC students also learned about making healthy foods with produce from the gardens and they planned a staff lunch that they helped to make each week.  Some of the favorites on the menu were pizza with pizza crust made from summer squash, swiss chard pesto and garlic and pasta, chard salad, roasted vegetables, and quiche, and a pea, radish, and onion salad.

Training opportunities in leadership, job skills, communication, and team work were top priorities in the program.  The FCC workers explored issues of hunger, community, nature, and diversity.

When asked what the favorite aspects of the summer FCC program were, Ethan Standel immediately responded that he enjoyed harvesting the vegetables. He laughed when he joked about his competitive nature and said he loved seeing if he could harvest more than others!

Tori Cook especially enjoyed working at the Farmers’ Market.  She enjoyed weeding and spoke about how she would never forget eating the fried squash blossoms.

FCC leader Jane Spencer commented on how the high school students in the FCC program added energy and a great sense of camaraderie to the farm.  She enjoyed observing how students who had not known each other previous to the program formed friendships.

Jane Spencer

Food Connection Corps

Education Director

Ian Hammond

Community Programs and School Gardens Coordinator

Julie Applegarth discusses plans with the

FCC students.