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The non-denominational chapel at H.O.M.E.

Abbé Pierre was a French Catholic Franciscan who appealed to the French people to assist with the thousands of homeless people who were sleeping on the streets in Paris in 1954.  His Emmaus movement of reaching out to those in need spread around the world.  Emmaus groups are found today in thirty-six countries and spread over four continents.

Mandala Farm and h.o.m.e. are Emmaus communities. They provide shelter for the homeless, the abused, and the scared.  Their goals are centered around fighting the causes of poverty.

Abbé Pierre visited Mandala Farm and h.o.m.e.

twenty-four years ago when the Advisory Committee of Emmaus International held their annual meeting at the farm.  Sister Marie explained that he stayed for several weeks.  Phone calls from Francois Mitterrand to Abbé Pierre occurred several times during his stay.  He even helped facilitate the transportation of a family from Guatemala to Canada during his time at Mandala Farm.  Sister Marie described Abbé Pierre as “an extraordinary man who never forced his beliefs on anyone.” Photos of Abbé Pierre can be found at the farm and in the Wayside Chapel at h.o.m.e.

Abbé Pierre


From left: Sister Lucy holding Jimmy, Sister Marie, Abbé Pierre, and Ellen.

The Lord’s Prayer in Micmac