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A successful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program has been in

place at Crystal Spring Farm for the past

nine years under the management of Seth Kroeck and Maura Bannon.

The CSA shares are sold to interested individuals and families.  The 2012 Brunswick CSA program is full and there is a waiting list for the 2013 season.

The cost of a Brunswick CSA Share is $515 per season from early June through late October.  A payment plan is available.  Each week’s offering of vegetables is different.

A single share is designed to meet the fresh vegetable needs of 2-3 non-vegetarian adults or 1-2 vegetarian adults.  Depending on the season, the contents will vary between 4 and 18 pounds of vegetables every pick up.  The average pick up is eleven pounds.  Members

will also be entitled to a “U-Pick” field featuring herbs, flowers, and vegetables that

you can harvest during distribution hours and

all day on Sundays.

A weekly farm newsletter is sent out electronically to each of the CSA share members.  Weekly developments and recipes are shared in the newsletter.

CSA members can pick up their share one time each week.  Distribution days are Tuesdays or Fridays from 2-7 p.m. at the farm.

Crystal Spring Farm delivers vegetable CSA shares every Wednesday to the Portland area.

Shares can be delivered to any location in the Portland area  with a minimum of five shares sold at each location. If individuals gather a group of their  friends, co-workers and neighbors together, they all can receive fresh, local vegetables delivered each week from June through October.  

In addition to weekly produce, Portland area CSA members can come to the farm on Sundays and harvest peas, beans, flowers and herbs from the upic field. Tours of the farm and upic field orientation will be offered in July along with CSA member opportunities to help harvest potatoes on Labor Day, and winter squash in mid-September. Exact dates to be announced

One Portland CSA share costs $315, sized to feed two adults (and young kids) for the week.

Call or email for more details 207-729-1112, email at

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