Crossing the Cows

By the time the Spillers could herd the cows across the road to a better pasture, it was later than usual and Route 9A proved real busy.  Naturally it took a while to find the cattle as they were hidden in the woods.

After consuming all the food, it was time to cross the road.  The path approaching Route 9A was knee-high with mud in certain spots and trekking to the road was no easy task.

And, let the calling and the crossing begin!!!

Coaxing the young calf across 9A didn't prove successful on the first attempt. She scurried back in the direction of the back field.  

With Anna's gentle persuasive ways, the calf was successfully encouraged to cross 9A and she became re-united with the other cattle.  This accomplishment helped to eliminate thoughts of what could have been a very worrisome and unfortunate scenario.  But, the clock was ticking since an hour was lost and the hay needed to be raked and baled.

In this photo, all the cattle have been

accounted for and are pictured grazing in the new pasture.  A happy ending!

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Some left-over veggies proved to be a great lure.  The cattle knew when Anna

called and drove her vehicle up the hill that it was time to follow if they

wanted to enjoy a special treat!

Due to a slight miscommunication, all the cattle crossed the road except for one

of the calves.  A good hour was spent searching for the missing calf.  With the

assistance of a kind neighbor, the calf was finally located sleeping in the tall grasses of the back field.  Things were looking up!