Collaborative Wish List
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Unique Maine Farms recently participated in a workshop where several other non-profit educational organizations were in attendance.

Unique Maine Farms set up a table where workshop participants

were encouraged to post services or materials that would be appreciated by their organizations to help further their work.  Listed below are the organizations who posted wishes.

The Maine Trust for Education in Conservation listed the following desired items:

outdoor/camping equipment especially canoes/kayaks

(they stated that they can repair)

building/construction materials including “grey” lumber

audio visual equipment

contact:    Maine Trust for Education in Conservation

                 Robin Berard





Twin Villages Foodbank Farm listed the following

desired items:

farm truck for field work and farm delivery

cooking equipment, pots, pans

digging forks

contact: Sara Cawthon

              Twin Villages Foodbank Farm

              Damariscotta, Maine




Safe Space Radio listed the following desired service:

a few hours of consultation from a marketing person

contact:  Anne Hallward

               Safe Space Radio