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       Angela Neptune Barnes’ Basketry
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Angela Barnes was the grandmother of Butch Jacobs.  She was a member of the Neptune family who were well-known for their basketmaking.  At ten years of age Angela began making baskets.  She had learned to do this by observing her parents and her grandmother.  She used the molds that her grandparents used to shape many of her baskets.  She made baskets for over seventy years before she passed away in 2003 at the age of eighty-two.

Angela also made fish-scale baskets for a sardine factory in Eastport. She returned to making fancy baskets such as candy baskets, napkin baskets, fruit baskets, pencil holders, and flower jars.  She was named a Master Basketmaker in the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program.  Each Christmas she made a basket for each of her forty grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Gerald Butch Jacobs holds the last basket made by his grandmother, Angela Neptune Barnes, before she passed away.

All the baskets pictured on this page were made by Angela Neptune Barnes.

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Gerald Butch Jacobs is shown standing with his mother Marie Corson.  His grandmother, Angela Neptune Barnes, is shown holding her great-grandson, Ethan Jacobs.