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Bowdoin music professor, Elliott Schwartz,

served as a food critic for the Maine Times

for many years.  He has enjoyed dining at

Bowdoin for forty-eight years and feels that

the cuisine is amazing.  He raved about the

Dining Services’ staff preparing incredible

meals for the monthly gatherings of the Brunswick Town and College Club.  He explained how some of the meals that were requested for various meetings were unbelievably specific such as a meal that might have been served in the eighteenth century in Austria or during the reign of a particular czar in Russia.  Schwartz also fondly recalled some spectacular meals served during conferences, holidays, and retirement banquets.

Enjoying a lunch in Thorne Dining Hall are clockwise from left: Bowdoin Organic Garden workers Matthew Leiwant, Marielle Matthew, Peter Rosencrans, Lucy Brennan, Sara Cawthon, and Thorne Unit Manager Mark Dickey.

Bowdoin Unit Manager Mark Dickey catches up on garden news with Sara Cawthon (center) and Lucy Brennan (on left).

The Bowdoin Organic Garden keeps diners up to date with photos and news of garden developments on their bulletin board in Thorne Dining Hall.

Peter Rosencrans transports a delivery of fresh cut lettuce from the garden at the corner of South and Coffin Street to Thorne Dining Hall.

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(Photo courtesy of Bowdoin College website)