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Preservation Farm
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Jake, the miniature donkey

Maude and Jake and JoAnn

D’artagnion is a neutered male bovine.

The Beau Chemin Preservation Farm raise four breeds of endangered sheep: Soay, Shetland, Leicester longwool, and California variegated mutant.

Three endangered breeds of egg-laying ducks are raised at Beau Chemin Preservation Farm.  They include Khaki Campbell, Welsh Harlequin and Dutch Hook Bill.

Maude is a Suffolk Punch draft mare.  There are about one thousand Suffolks, from the farms of northeastern England, left in the world.

Oberhasli goats are raised at the Beau Chemin Preservation Farm. They are an endangered breed of a dairy goat.  The Myers are using them in a breeding project.

JoAnn is milking one of the

Oberhasli dairy goats.