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       Outside Winter Market
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A special thank you is extended to Geraldine Mountain, co-owner with Tim Mountain of Mountain Enterprises on Spring Street in Dexter, for sending these great photos of Jerry Doxtader selling his farm goods during the winter.

On every Saturday for the past five years (with the exception of two Saturdays) Jerry Doxtader sets up his farm stand on a business lot owned by Geraldine and Tim Mountain of Mountain Enterprises on Spring Street in Dexter.  Even in the middle of winter, he has plenty of farm produce to offer to sell.  Among his offerings early this March were organic eggs, carrots, potatoes, beets, sweet potatoes, rutabagas, turnips, storage radish, onions, celeriac, daikon radish, garlic, and shallots.  It takes a determined individual to brave Maine’s often brutal winter weather to stand outside and sell farm goods for several hours in the cold.  Geraldine Mountain, who owns the property where the Doxtader family sets up their farm stand, commented on how they are such a polite and respectful family, and how their vegetables and produce are always of such exceptional quality.

The snow  is piled quite high in the back of Geraldine Mountain’s apartment house!

Geraldine Mountain and Jerry Doxtader are pictured on the lot of Mountain Enterprises where Jerry sells his fresh produce every Saturday throughout the year.