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Being young and technologically savvy and aware of the potential of the crowdfunding platform, Michael and Christa Bahner decided to produce a video about their farm and their need for financing.  They posted this video on and they were thrilled with the response.

For readers unfamiliar with crowdfunding projects like and, they are Internet websites which describe various creative projects and that encourage collective support from individuals from all locations.  In exchange for supporting a project, specific incentives are put in place.

Michael and Christa initiated a fundraising campaign on kickstarter in March 2012, with a goal of collecting $12,524 to be used towards the costs of constructing a farm stand.  The incentives that they offered included Bahner Farm bumper stickers, tote bags, and note cards. Items awarded for larger donations included a tractor driving lesson with Michael, a sculling lessons with Christa’s mother, who is an award-winning rowing champion, and a handmade coldframe from Christa’s father.  There were offers of a fall farm dinner for four, and the naming of chickens, fields, and greenhouses. 

Their kickstarter campaign turned out to be a great success as 160 individuals signed on and their goal was exceeded since $13, 921 was raised for their farm stand.  A concrete slab was able to be poured and the 16 x 20 farmstand building was constructed.  A much-needed driveway and parking area was created.