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What Kinds of Aldermere Farm Beef Are There?

There are two product lines of Aldermere beef that are available:

“All-natural grain-fed and 100% Grass-fed”

All the animals are pasture raised too!

What is All- Natural Grain-Fed beef?

The  traditional grain-finished beef is known for its excellent marbling and flavor. Most of the grain that supplements the Aldermere Farm’s  cattle’s diet is Maine-grown.

What is 100 % Grass-Fed Beef?

Aldermere also raises a herd of 100% grass-fed cattle. These Belties are raised on a diet of grass and hay, and are never fed any grain. 100% grass-fed beef is loaded with omega-3s and other good fatty acids, and many consumers eat it for the nutrition it provides. Grass-fed beef is best enjoyed rare to medium rare for tenderness.

How to Buy Aldermere Beef?

Halves, quarters, eighths, and family packs are available by reservation only.

Please contact or 207-236-2739 to reserve your beef.

Individual cuts are available on a walk-in basis only at the Adermere office at

70 Russell Avenue in Rockport.

Where to Buy Aldermere Beef?

Aldermere beef is sold out of their office at 70 Russell Avenue in Rockport.  It is a large white farmhouse near Calderwood Lane.  The office is located through the garage.  During open hours, just knock!

When to Buy Aldermere Beef?

The Aldermere Farm office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Bulk quantities of beef can be arranged for pick up at other times outside the regular business hours with advance payment.

Quantities and Pricing

All Aldermere beef comes frozen. Aldermere beef is available in bulk quantities: quarters and eighths. A quarter is 25% of the meat from the hanging weight of one animal, and contains a variety of cuts. An eighth is one half a quarter.

Bulk Pricing. Quarters and eighths are charged at $3.75 on the hanging weight (bone in) of the animal at the time it is processed. You end up paying about $6 per pound of meat for a quarter or eighth.

Aldermere also sells “family packs” (smaller quantities of beef designed to fit in a home fridge/freezer), and individual cuts such as hamburger, steaks, and roasts on a walk-in basis.

Retail Pricing varies per cut; it’s $5-6.00/lb. for burger, $4.50-$6 for roasts, and $4.50-$19.50 for steaks.

NOTE: Beef Cannot Be Shipped Out of The State of Maine.

Typical quarter for a grain animal (grass-fed animals will be less due to a lighter hanging weight)




four 5 packs

                           5 packages

                               1 package

                              1 package

                              2 packages

                                2 packages

                               2 packages

                              2 packages

                            1 package

2 packages

                               2 packages

                              2 packages

                             1 package

                                   4 packages

                               2 packages


Ground Beef


Stew Meat  


Club Steak






Top Round


Rump Roast  


Sirloin Steak


Bottom Round  


Rolled Chuck Roast     


Soup Bones  


London Broil


Eye of Round 


Rib Steak      


T-bone Steak

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                   A Typical Quarter

   (quantities vary based on animal weights)