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When Stan Brown turns ninety-three on October 13, 2012, it will mark his eighty-first year of keeping bees!  He is the oldest registered beekeeper in the state of Maine and possibly even in the entire country!  He has served as President of the Maine State Beekeepers Association and was presented a lifetime membership in the Colony Club.

Stan grew up on a farm in Cumberland with five brothers and a sister.  His love for bees stems back to when he was twelve years old and he was mowing his grandmother’s field with a push mower.  There was a swarm of bees on one of the cherry trees and he knew right when he spotted it that it would prove beneficial to the farm if he could catch the swarm.  When Stan Brown decides that something is important to do, you can be sure he will attempt doing it!

Eighty years ago Stan captured that particular swarm in an old wooden apple box which he covered.  He waited a week for the hive kit and the rest is history!  As a teenager he operated several hives.  He was a real entrepreneur at a very early age as he couldn’t even keep up with Shaw’s Supermarket’s orders for his fresh strawberries.  

At nine years of age, Stan had hitched and worked a team of horses.  He transformed a Model T Ford into a saw rig as a teen.  Stan’s ability as an exceptional worker did not go unnoticed. During school vacations in high school he worked as a superintendent for the State highway department.  They were aware of his knowledge of the local roads and of his ability to keep them safely maintained.  As the years went by, Stan became certified as a master plumber, master electrician, and master oil burner inspector.  He also inspects septic systems and presently serves as a building inspector for the towns of Yarmouth and Cumberland.  And if that isn’t enough certifications, let it not be forgotten that he is licensed to drive a tractor-trailer and also is known throughout the area as a well respected dowser!

A love for farming has always been part of the essence of Stan Brown.  When he was enrolled in an agricultural class in high school the students were expected to carry out a farm-related project over the summer.  The teacher actually went to the student’s house to observe and evaluate the project.  Stan is saddened that an emphasis on farming is not include in most educational settings today.  He volunteered to be a 4-H leader for many years.  He also taught a ten-week beekeeping course for Adult Education for many years.

When asked what contributed to his longevity, Stan will immediately share his belief that it is due partially to his daily consumption of honey.  He enjoys a homemade honey “swizzler” which consists of a tablespoon of honey, warm water, and vinegar.

Visiting with Stan and Karen at the Brown’s Bee

Farm in North Yarmouth is quite the experience.

Southern Maine residents are fortunate to have two such knowledgeable and friendly beekeepers right in their area.

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Stan Brown is a 92-year-old Beekeeper


Stan Brown explains how he uses his dowsing rods.

This photo of Stan taken years ago hangs on the wall of his shop.  He entered a contest in which the winner was determined by the amount of bees that landed on the contestant. The winner is shown