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Candee and Alan Macqueen stepped forward to run the Alan-Dee Dairy 4-H club in Lincoln County.  Candee has been associated with 4-H

programs for twenty-five years.

The 4-H group has been involved in several fundraisers including a Meet the Babies Day; a bake sale; and the sale of decorated horseshoes.

They took first place in the Wiscasset July 4 parade in 2012.

During the summer of 2012, Candee spent a great deal of time helping members of the Alan-Dee 4-H Dairy Club prepare for the Topsham Fair, the Union Fair, and the Windsor Fair. Nicole and Caitlin, members of the 4-H Club, visited the farm on a regular basis several days a week during the summer to help with farm chores and prepare the animals for showing at the fall fairs.

The Alan-Dee Dairy 4-H Club is very grateful

to all the support that they have received from the community.  They thanked Reds East,

Wiscasset Ford, Wiscasset Lions Club, Harbor View Cottage, Deck House School, Headhunters Salon, and Ames Supply.


Nicole and Caitlyn

Nicole is shown hosing down Rosie.

Nicole and Candee are seen

standing behind Rosie.  Caitlyn is kneeling behind Lexy and Lindy.

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Candee Macqueen is a leader of the Alan-Dee 4-H Dairy Club.